Custom-made Chakra Healing Bracelet




Original, one-off bracelet made JUST FOR YOU featuring gemstones, glass and crystal on durable, elasticised cord.

Bracelet: Elasticised – one size fits most (unless otherwise requested).

A custom designed bracelet made to strengthen your chakras and support healing in any area you wish. Appropriate stones will be chosen in conjunction with a Reiki healing in order to pinpoint exactly what you need, as well as cleanse and energise the crystals used.

Perfect if you

  • have a physical, mental or emotional problem you would like to release
  • know what chakra you would like to work on but not sure what stones would be appropriate
  • know what stones you are drawn to but not sure to which chakra they relate
  • would like a general pick-me-up and boost to your energy

Master Reiki practitioner and artisan, Michelle, will use Reiki energy to send healing to you and obtain inspiration about what stones would be most beneficial. The bracelet will be an individual piece, made-to-order for your specific needs.


  • Reiki distance healing
  • custom elasticised bracelet *(wire and solid sterling silver clasp available for additional charge)
  • written explanation of the healing properties of the stones used.

Gemstones have long been prized not only for their beauty, but for their ability to help strengthen and balance the chakras. Generally, their colour indicates with which chakra they most resonate but many stones are beneficial for more than one chakra. When the chakras are clear and balanced one’s physical, emotional and mental states are also balanced, improving quality of life.

This product uses natural materials which may have inconsistencies or faults. This should not affect the wearability of the item.

Additional information


Elastic – one size, Wire with Sterling silver clasp


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