Original, one-off bracelet featuring Amethyst and Carnelian on tiger wire, finished with 925 sterling silver closure.

Bracelet: 20cm with closure.

This piece helps align the Crown and Sacral Chakras. Allow the flow of the universe and unleash your potential! Amethyst opens the Crown Chakra, connecting to your higher self, providing clarity and stimulating the endocrine system. Carnelian works with the Sacral Chakra and aids in creativity, fertility and increasing vitality.
Gemstones have long been prized not only for their beauty, but for their ability to help strengthen and balance the chakras. Generally, their colour indicates with which chakra they most resonate but many stones are beneficial for more than one chakra. When the chakras are clear and balanced one’s physical, emotional and mental states are also balanced, improving quality of life.

This product uses natural materials which may have inconsistencies or faults. This should not affect the wearability of the item.

*Product photographed under multiple light conditions, however, colours may vary depending on your monitor display.


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