Chakra Balance Coaster Set


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COLOUR YOUR LIFE with the Chakra Balance Coaster Set featuring original art prints depicting 8 Chakras.

Give a unique and colourful gift or brighten your own table. Each coaster features an original art print depicting one of eight Chakras:
– Crown – Third Eye – Throat – Heart – Solar Plexus – Sacral – Root – Earth Star

But this is not just a beautiful set, the coasters aid in wellbeing as each can be used to energetically charge water in order to help balance that specific chakra in your body. Lost your mojo? Try using the indigo Third Eye coaster to energise your water. Feeling lacklustre? Use the sunny Solar Plexus coaster. Need more love in your life? (who doesn’t) use the gorgeous green Heart Chakra coaster.

Made from durable zero emission (E0) MDF, coated to resist moisture and heat, and cork backed to protect surfaces, these coasters will give years of pleasure and wellbeing.
Coasters measure 90x90x4mm

Artwork by Michelle Monsour

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 40 mm