First and foremost, I am an artist. If I repeat something more than a couple of times I get bored. So in this website you will find plenty of one-offs and original pieces. The idea for MishMatch Jewellery came, not only from my desire to follow inspiration as it arose, but also from the understanding that you may want to create your own individual look.

I have been painting, potting, jewellery-making, sewing, cooking, printing, writing and pursuing any creative hobby I can, for longer than I can remember. These days I gain inspiration for my artistic expression from my spiritual life and practice, and my obsession with colour, light and beauty informs everything I create.

The stunning natural surrounds of my home, the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, often star in my watercolour paintings which are painted using local rainwater energised with crystals, symbols and affirmations. The wonder of natural gemstones give me inspiration for jewellery and other items. They have a strong resonance with the Chakras and my hope is that, by wearing these items or having them in your home, your Chakras will be cleared and strengthened.

Starting EmmelleEm Creative was not just a way to realise my ideal life of being able to make a living following my every creative whim, I also feel strongly about raising awareness of spiritual concepts. Hopefully I can assist you through the use of practical spiritual tools, like home decor and jewellery. Having journeyed the soul path of self-development for many years and studied Reiki to Master level, I understand the need for incorporating spiritual knowledge into each and every day, and the simplicity with which this can be achieved. My wish is that we can both benefit while we journey together here for a little while.

All the best, happy shopping and please send me feedback!
Michelle ♥